The Future Awaits

Our plan can be summarized to be collection of computers and part, the formating and fixing of these, and providing education to those we donate these to. At this point, our group has gathered a total of seven functioning computers at Salvation Army.

We are looking to increase this number in a near future, but a more immediate matter to adress would be our involvement in their education. We will teach them topics such as software, usage, computer ettiquette, and computer maintenance. We are preparing interactive lesson plans that will allow us to adress a wide age range in order to provide a fulfilling learning experience. To do this effectively, we will recruit other students to help us keep the classes interesting for the children as well as activities like crossword puzzles and scavenger hunts. All terminology will be given in spanish since this is the language the children understand best.

On the other hand, our long term goal is to attend the GIN conference to talk about our project, and how we dealt with the obstacles. We should have a speech ready to present at this conference as well as videos documenting our progress. Lastly, we will also be working on leaving our legacy; giving this project the proper stand for other students to take over all the things we’ve left undone. This will be our final and ultimate step to make this project sustainable.


Ubuntu Reforming Life

EBVURL stands for Escuela Bella Vista’s Ubuntu Reforming Life. It is a project whose aim is to raise awareness of operating system alternatives (mainly Ubuntu), reducing e-waste, and helping those who don’t have the resources to be part of the modern technological world. Our goal is to adress all these issues at a local level and if possible to spread our cause internationally. Our local focus is Salvation Army, an orphanage in Zulia, Venezuela at Maracaibo. To help them, we’ve been getting donations of hardware from the school and students and adjusting them to be usable.

Up to know we’ve done 3 computers which have already been delivered to Salvation Army. Our plan is to get them at least 7 more computers so that the orphanage has a total of 12 computers for the 30 people that live there (previous to this project they were donated 2 computers). To adjust these computers, we chose Ubuntu as our operating system. Ubuntu is much more resource efficient and is completely free. It’ll allow us to have full domain of the software management. Some computers we’ve obtained have weaker software that Ubuntu can’t support, so our alternative for that is Lubuntu which will be just as useful. Since its lighter, it works well with pentium 3 processors.

Our next step is to acquire more hardware (hopefully more modern) through donations in an attempt of reducing e-wastes and contributing to charity with no expenses. We are working on the project to have a positive outcome all the way to the end and hopefully have succesors which will continue the project further on.

Project Coordinators: Paul Strootman, Edwardo Coello

Project Members: Francisco Guillin, Domenico S. Montini, Gianfranco Casarin

Written by: Domenico S. Montini